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Saying Goodbye

Monday, December 18th, 2017 at 1:38pm AJ Pettersen

We closed on the sale of our first home today. My thoughts with a heavy heart for what's in the past and excitement for what is to come...

We were married and we were off. From Rochester to Bonita Springs to Avon to Minneapolis to Estero to Middletown. Just a couple of nomads canvassing the landscape of America in search of a big break and a dream.

Then we found it. On a cold Minnesota November day, we slipped our way up the sidewalk to perfection. Old windows, "we can fix that," we said. Choppy spaces, "we will knock down walls," we thought. Basement paneling, "a fun project," we exclaimed.

We jumped in with all we had. Paneling turned to sheetrock and choppy spaces turned to open ones. Old windows became new, rusty mechanicals became shiny. We poured our heart and soul into making the perfection "ours."

So 2705 Xenwood, thank you for being our first true place together. For transforming us from nomads to homebodies.

For being moldable. And for allowing us to live out our wildest imaginations for what you could be.

For a perfect room to bring our little boy home to.

For being soft on his falls sometimes. And for teaching him that some of them have to hurt a little bit.

For creaky oak hardwood. And thick plaster walls.

For classic elegance. And 50s charm.

For the new. And for the old.

For listening to our dreams. And making them happen.

For keeping us safe. And for knowing when to let us go.

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